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FlowerBuds are a closed species and are only owned by me

Please do not steal/copy them or make your own

This does not mean I claim specific features of the species for my own just don't
make a complete bootleg of them.

Rules for FlowerBuds

* Do not claim the design as yours unless it is a myo

* Do not change anything that classifies it as a FlowerBud , you may modify anything else you want.

* You can resell your FlowerBud to someone else but not for more than you paid unless you obtained extra art of it
* Please notify me when a FlowerBud has a new owner (if anyone ever buys them lmao)

Q: What are they?

502c0f6609ff11dd2eccf00b5c9bd1ce by animoo
FlowerBuds are humanoid creatures born from plants that were touched
by the blood of a nature witch which,thanks to bees, the blood mixed with
pollen was spread out to different types of flowers. some flowers
produce a more rare type of flower that gets it's pollen mixed with animal
furs giving a FlowerBud the animals features.

Q.what are the features?

4t45 by animoo
FlowerBuds appear to have a human face but their bodies feel like velvet.
The lines on their bodies are their veins which shows how much water they have
FlowerBuds have no genitals and appear androgynous,they also have a root
coming out of their throat growing behind their heard and their flower
appears on the right side on their head,where they absorb sunlight or
if they get thirsty a few drops of water should keep them hydrated.
FlowerBuds grow about as big as a persons hand.

502c0f6609ff11dd2eccf00b5c9bd1ce by animoo

Q: personalities?

FlowerBuds have no evil nature in them they might make mistakes
like knock something over but they will beg for forgiveness.
for example the flower shown here is a  chrysanthemum her
personality is a big nerd born with glasses. you can
change the personality of a FlowerBud by teaching them how to
act and like certain things.

Q:Living structure?

 after they outgrow their flower pot
using "photo"synthesis you can place a picture of shoes,clothes,or a 3DS
and it will make an exact working replica for your FlowerBud

Erer by animoo
you will need to buy another FlowerPot
for your FlowerBud because they love sleeping in
uncomfortable positions with a little dirt and being left
in the moonlight overnight,while sleeping they emit a
small glow from their veins why this happens I don't know maybe
to recharge their energy?
502c0f6609ff11dd2eccf00b5c9bd1ce by animoo

Q:Normal,Rare,and Ultra Rare traits?

Normal FlowerBuds have only 1 flower and nothing else.rare
traits appear maybe 2 out of 6 flowerBuds,while Ultra Rare
traits appear on on the last day of the month.rare traits include
2-3 flowers,may be different colors,animal features, Ultra Rare
includes flower crowns,rare plants,and,(***) its a surprise.

Sprouts + Plz by lalycornLeaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumariLeaf divider (left) by CherushiMetsumariSprouts + Plz by lalycorn

Background on FlowerBuds

FlowerBuds were created by accident when a nature witch was making
potions in her home,bothering no one the villagers nearby hated her for
no reason,that and it was the year of witch killings.
trying to defend herself her hands and face was slashed
splattering blood on the walls and on her flowers,
after the villagers cheered on one of them threw her plants out the window.
This was a good thing because the night was cool and windy so the pollen
from the blood stained flowers was able to spread across the field
and the next day bees would cover more land by doing their bee thing.
After time has passed and by time I mean 324 years the witch was
reincarnated in 2016 she opened a flower shop not knowing that
as soon as she used her magic FlowerBuds started appearing.
seeds that were packaged and bought by the witch contained pollen from
the first flowers stained with her blood created hundreds of years ago.
sadly the witch could only nurture flowers not FlowerBuds she decided
to also sell them to people who had good hearts,if a flower wilted next to
a person who wanted to purchase flowers she would ask them to leave.
and thus is the lame story of how FlowerBuds were Born!

Artvartist Meme Free Template By Haylau-da322mmrfg by animoo
Artvartist Meme Free Template By Haylau-da322mmd by animoo if you want to see her drawing in full view.

check out these blokes rite ere' mate

cool people check them out
:icontheamazingwrabbit::iconadvanced-random::iconcannabis-corpsey::icontacoheadshark::iconraininglulz::iconspruik::iconstrangelyisolated::icongomicake:I have more but their accounts haven't been touched in a year. (like if u considered us friends and would like to be put here tell me and Ill do it I just don't want to assume //sobs)…



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